Anti-erosion mats PP, PES, jute, coconut

Anti-erosion mats and meshes for permanent or periodical counteracting surface erosion on newly-shaped slopes. These are materials with a permeable spatial structure, made from densely woven natural or synthetic fibres, or the combination of such materials. In special cases, they have polymer or steel groundwork which increases their resistance to stretching.

Main functions of anti-erosion protection:

  • prevention of surface erosion caused by precipitation, stagnant water or flowing water,
  • reinforcement of the surface of embankments, supporting a humus layer and reduction of its sliding,
  • facilitating plant rooting and acceleration of plant growth,
  • prevention of pulling rooted plants out,
  • reduction of water drain speed.
  • Grammage: from  350  g/m2  to  1000  g/m2
  • Resistance to stretching: from  3,8  kN/m   to   150  kN/m
  • road embankments,
  • green slopes,
  • river banks, channels and reservoirs,
  • flood embankments,
  • landfills,
  • green roofs,
  • sports lawns,
  • golf courses, etc.
  • infertile and rocky slopes,
  • wharfs of ground and water channels,
  • impermeable wharfs, banks of channels, ponds and artificial reservoirs and covering waste landfills,
  • protection against stone landslides.