BIOKONCEPT  anti-erosion system of surface reinforcement on slopes as a result of combining biononwoven, geolattice and humus. This is a permanent surface reinforcement system, it secures embankments, levees, slopes, ditches and other earth structures against erosion. The following materials are used: biononwoven with plant mixture, spatial geolattice and humus filling the geolattice.

Material used:

  • Biononwoven – material designed specially for this system. It is made from biodegradable fibres of sugar beet (additional fertiliser), evenly distributed (also spatially) seeds of special grass mixture and legumes, which ensure quick turfing and deep rooting. It guarantees the leavening of biological stabilisation on the protected surface.
  • Geolattice – spatial structure similar to a honeycomb. It is made from a group of high density polyethylene (HDPE) bands, double-sided textured, connected by series of deep ultrasound point welds. It guarantees mechanical stabilisation by the time of grass growth.


  • geolattice with biononwoven ensures effective technical and biological stabilisation from the moment of in-building,
  • the installation is simple and quick
  • it is possible to perform stabilisation at any time of the year because the sowing material in the biononwoven waits to a vegetation moment without negative environmental impacts
  • low expenditures with high effectiveness,
  • low consumption of humus.