Biononwoven with grass seeds TIM

Biononwoven is a flat textile material made from cotton and cotton-like fibre waste without synthetic admixture. Nonwoven material contains grass or other plant seeds adjusted to a given environment, encased by fertiliser priming ground which facilitates sprouting. Biononwoven material with grass seeds should be used for reinforcing and turfing the earth structure surfaces.


  • Surface mass: 250 g/m2
  • Minimum rupturing force determined by a belt method: from 3 daN to 15 daN
  • Minimum rupturing force in a wet state: from 6 daN to 20 daN
  • Minimum water absorption: 600 %
  • Amount of grass seed mixture: 30 g/m2.


  • facilitating the biological development of the surface of soil, slopes, embankments,
  • reinforcing and reclaiming slopes, melioration ditches, flood embankments, channels and dykes as well as steep river slopes,
  • temporary protection of surfaces against erosion,
  • protecting slopes against water and air erosion by the time of complete grass rooting, reinforcing the surface of a slope mechanically, guarantee of the protection of seeds against birds,
  • reinforcement and protection of the surfaces of ground, road and railway structures,
  • securing dunes, ash, dust heaps, etc.