Gabions are cuboid baskets, in various sizes, adjusted to the requirements of construction designs. Gabions are filled with stone or other aggregate material. 

Meshes are produced and shaped into boxes (baskets), mattresses or rollers by means of industrial methods. As a finished product, before filling them up with appropriate material, they are delivered to the building site in a folded state and they are installed directly in the building site.

Mesh baskets:

  • longitudinal rim bands for watercourses,
  • tresholds, barrages and water baffles,
  • securing embankment of bridge heads,
  • acoustic screens,
  • landscape architecture,l
  • aesthetic in terms of architecture and landscape.

Mesh baskets with anchoring:

  • securing and construction of vertical walls or slopes deflected from the vertical up to 25º,
  • covering and hardening backfill on anchoring meshes (distance 3÷5 m) forms a permanent soil massive resistant to erosion and landsliding.

Mesh mattresses:

  • anti-erosion protection of embankment slopes,
  • anti-erosion protection of excavation slopes,
  • encasement of the entire cross section of small watercourses, including melioration watercourses,
  • securing the banks and bottoms of large rivers and channels,
  • protecting the shore, etc.


Mesh rollers:

  • reinforcement and supporting of washed away slopes,
  • fast closing of gaps and filling up washed away spots in emergency,
  • filling up empty spaces and gaps in non-typical structures made from mesh-stone baskets,
  • blocking gaps in embankments – protecting structures against flood water,
  • protection of embankments against washing away by a flood wave.


  • Protective mesh:
  • reinforcement of mountain slopes,
  • protecting against rock and stone sliding,
  • reinforcement and stabilisation of the ground, e.g. on roads under an asphalt layer,
  • protecting slopes and rock slopes against erosion and sliding,
  • facilitating natural plant growth, reinforcing the ground.