Geofabrics PP and PES

Geofabrics are woven products made from two layouts of yarn and string polymer fibres, monofil or multifil, crossing at the straight angle. A characteristic property of geofabrics is high and even resistance in both directions at low and even elongation.

Geofabric parameters:

  • Surface mass: from 86 g/m2 to 2296 g/m2
  • Resistance to stretching: from 9.0 kN/m to 1000 kN/m.
  • Relative elongation at the maximum load: from 8% to 35%
  • Opening diameter at dynamic puncturing (falling cone method): from 6 mm to 19 mm
  • Water flow rate, perpendicular to the plain: from 0.2 mm/s to 20 mm/s.


  • construction of roads and other surfaces with traffic,
  • construction of railways,
  • earthworks, foundation works and resistance structures,
  • drainage systems,
  • anti-erosion protective devices,
  • construction of reservoirs, dams and channels,
  • construction of tunnels and underground structures,
  • construction of solid waste landfills,
  • construction of liquid waste landfills.