Innovative TIMBIOSYSTEM anti-erosion mat

Geocomposite mat is used in earthworks and agrotechnics. Biononwoven with a reinforcing mesh with grass seeds, including a fertiliser with extended time of mineral ingredients release.

Contains a fertiliser and grass seeds:

TIM BioSystem composite mat consists of black biononwoven with grass seeds and with a mineral fertiliser, and reinforcing mesh. Biononwoven covering is used as a seed carrier and the task of such a mesh is to protect the soil surface against erosion, rodents, digging and snouting animals. Black biononwoven contains many seed types in order to ensure maximum productive soil turfing.

By absorbing light, it reduces weed growth:

The sprouting of grass types on the biononwoven ranges from 7 to 23 days, depending on the soil, humidity, temperature, sunlight and other factors. This period and the first growth phase is critical time for grass life span. There must be special conditions ensured. Grass seeds used in black biononwoven are specially selected, their quality is very high, they hold valid attests and declarations of conformity. We can obtain a required final effect by adhering to the rules of the appropriate securing of the product, proper installation, recommended care, mowing and watering.

It protects against erosion and rodents:

A mesh used in TIM BioSystem is manufactured by means of modern technologies from high quality materials. Its resistance allows for feasibly maximum protection against rodents and digging and snouting animals and it significantly secures soil against erosion-rupture-resistance is not less than 2000 N on the matrix surface. In the event of rupturing during its application, its resistance is reduced only to an insignificant extent.

Wide application:

Owing to exceptionally simple and quick installation, TIM BioSystem may be used in gardens, parks, on slopes, playgrounds, green areas, sand dunes, flood embankments and highways. This technology is safer than traditional sowing because it enables rainwater buffering in biononwoven and in the covering soil layer, thuspreventing the over-drying of sproutingseeds and it protects them against animals and rinsing out.