TIMGEO Geononwoven

Geononwoven is a textile product made from the loose layout of polymeric fibres (PP polypropylene or PES polyester) in the form of a layer of fibres with ordered or random orientation, connected by a chemical or thermal hardening method or mechanical needling or stitching through.Black biononwoven contains many seed types in order to ensure maximum productive soil turfing.

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  • separation of a weak earthwork base in order to improve its stability and facilitate its consolidation,
  • construction of temporary, forest, farm roads, construction of stopover sites and parking lots in hard soil and water conditions,
  • reinforcement of the top layer of soil base on road surfaces, not improved, and bottom layers of plastic substructure in order to reduce the consumption of store materials or prolong the surface exploitation period,
  • performance of separating and dividing layers between fine – grained soil and surface structural layers,
  • performance of groundwork layers supporting soil under geomeshes or geocells at the construction of reinforced slopes and embankments,protecting drainage systems in order to prevent silting with fine – grain soil.