TIMGRID G-L grid and glass and carob composites

Glass geomeshes and geocomposites for asphalt surfaces arecharacteristic for high rigidity (elongation up to 3%) and resistance to high temperatures, which make them perfect for reinforcing asphalt surfaces. They may be manufactured from glass, carbon or basalt fibres and they may be pre-coated with bitumen.


  • reinforcement of bituminous surfaces,
  • dispersion of stresses occurring between surface structural layers,
  • increasing the lifespan and strength of bit uminous surfaces,
  • they are used for reinforcing asphalt surface layers, plastic, or semi-rigid highways, airports, roads, streets, pavements, etc.,
  • they may be used within the entire structure area, within its partial width and locally,
  • such reinforcement may be used on surfaces under repair or those newly-built, in widening roads, in bridge expansion joints, etc.