TIMKRATKA lawn grille

Characteristics and conditions for using the TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grilles:

The cellular shape of the lawn grille allows rainwater to penetrate into the ground, and the soil filling the cells creates favorable conditions for the grass to grow.

The TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grate can also be used to build a pavement without grass, filled with aggregate cells, e.g. natural material less than 32mm grain size (gravel,asphalt, broken aggregate, sand or soil being the base of the lawn).

Lawn grille can be used in traffic engineering only for pavements made on the basis of a construction project developed for a specific object, taking into account local soil conditions and requirements Technical.

The grille has tabs, both from the bottom (height 4mm) and from the top (height 2mm) to prevent slipping. The TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grille is an excellent alternative to “heavy” (physically and optically) concrete pavement slabs, openwork concrete slabs, paving stones, asphalt and other types of paved surface.

Technical specification of the TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grill:

 Grille dimensions:

  • overall height: 49 mm
  • effective height: 40 mm
Grille length: 50,1 cm
Grille width: 50,1 cm
Number of meshes: 49
Weight: 1,2 kg
Grille color: black
TIMKRATKA 40 biologically active surface:
The TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grid guarantees uninterrupted soil water circulation. The biologically active area is about 80% of the surface. Thanks to this, lawns reinforced with a grid can be irrigated and fertilized without any problems. They develop perfectly, and the even surface facilitates care (mowing, cleansing from fallen leaves).
In accordance with the provisions of §3 item 22 of the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure, in which a legal definition of “biologically active area” has been introduced, it should be indicated that the biologically active area according to the Regulation on technical conditions to be met by buildings is: “an area with an earth surface ensuring natural vegetation, as well as 50% of the terraces and flat roofs surface with such surface, however not less than 10 m2. “
The above definition indicates that the most important criterion when assessing whether a part of the land can be considered biologically active will be the possibility of natural vegetation of plants. The above definition creates the possibility of, among others including the area lined with lawn grille as a biologically active area. This provision should be lectured simultaneously with the provisions of the local spatial development plan.
Advantages of the TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grille:
  • durability – TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grille meets the load requirements for the G traffic surface category: access routes, delivery areas, access areas for fire brigade vehicles. Carries pressure 400 kN (1000 t / m2). The high quality of the material used for production guarantees exceptional strength and flexibility of the grille.
  • biologically active surface – TIMKRATKA 40 is an excellent alternative to traditional fortifications and is the optimal combination of durability and strength while maintaining the natural qualities of the space. Due to the fact that such a surface is classified as biologically active, it also has the advantage of not having to pay rainwater tax on it.
  • water permeability – The surface lined with TIMKRATKA 40 grates guarantees perfect penetration of rainwater and snowmelt into the ground. The surface lined with TIMKRATKA 40 grates does not require channeling, which significantly reduces the cost of investment and subsequent operation.
  • Economics – Installation of the TIMKRATKA 40 grille is quick and easy. It does not require much work (1 person is able to lay up to 100 m2 per hour). Thanks to special catches and inlets, the gratings can be connected using the plug-in method to create a uniform surface. The cost of preparing the substrate is much lower than for concrete or paving surfaces.
  • ecology – TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grid is an openwork eco grid made of 100% recycled plastic. Lawn grille is an ecological alternative to paving stones and concrete openwork slabs
Purpose of the TIMKRATKA 40 lawn grill:
  • parking spaces
  • temporary roads
  • paths in the garden
  • gravel parking lots
  • Access roads
  • surfaces covered with finer aggregate
  • entrances to garages and property
  • recreational areas
  • horse studs, hippodromes, paddocks
  • zoos
  • runs for animals
  • shooting
  • preparation of land for
  • mass events
  • slope reinforcements
  • judiciary
  • nursery
  • green roofs
  • polygons